The Porsche 968 - History

In the late '70's, Volkswagen decided that the sporty new car that Porsche had designed for them wasn't the right car for the time. They gave it back to Porsche which decided to go ahead with the project - it was a pretty good deal for Porsche, all development was complete and they had a car that they could basically change the badges and it was ready to ship.

After developing the 924 for several years, it was time for an evolutionary jump - the 944 was born. Many of the proven parts were carried over, however there were plenty of new changes that made the 944 more Porsche and less Volkswagen. Just as the 924 was developed, the 944 doubled it's valves in the 944S, increased engine size in the 944S2 (and some lost their tops), and had a secret under the hoods of the fastest water-coolers - THE TURBO!

1992 - Porsche sales were plummeting, a unified look, along with some great technological improvements, were crucial to the survival of Porsche as an independent automaker. The 968 started the "new" Porsche look - taking cues from the 928 and blending with some of the curves of 911's (possibly even influencing the 993?). Variocam first appeared and boosted this normally aspirated model into the performance range of the turbo.